Community Council

The Valdebebas Park Community Council was established on June 14, 2005, and was registered in the register of Collaborative Urban Development Entities dated November 16, 2015. Its main objective is carrying out urban planning, assuming direct authority for urbanization works, assigning responsibilities and proceeds resulting from the work. Once objectives have been fulfilled, it will move to liquidation, ending its activity. The General Assembly and the Governing Council are the governing and administration bodies of the Community Council.

Valdebebas marks a milestone as it is the first urban development managed by a team created ad hoc and with total independence regarding the ownership of the land.

The General Assembly is the supreme administrative body constituted by all the members of the Community Council, composed of landowners and real estate owners within its scope, and evaluates any proposals from the Advisory Board that may need approval.

The Advisory Board is the executive body and is composed of owners with the highest proportion of ownership.

The Management Team is a multidisciplinary working group, made up of professionals specialized in different areas and whose objective is to develop the integral management of the project, promoting mutual collaboration between the group of owners and the Public Administrations involved.

Marcos Sánchez Foncueva

Managing Director

  • I.C.A.M. Attorney 32,357
  • Urban Planning Technician AETU n# 180
  • Specialist in Urbanism and Real Estate Law
My experience
  • Managing Director on the Valdebebas Community Council
  • Land Manager. Sareb Office Attorney at Altamira Asset Management, S.A.
  • General Manager at Aget Domus, Comprehensive Real Estate, Urban and Estate Management
  • Managing Director on the Sanchinarro Community Council
  • General Secretary on the Sanchinarro Community Council
  • Counsel for the Town Hall of Boadilla del Monte
Contact details for the Community Council:

91 343 08 72

Amelia González
Amelia González
Dept. of Finance & Administration
Cristina Martín
Cristina Martín
Legal Department & HR
Antonio Menaya
Antonio Menaya
Technical Department
Álvaro López
Álvaro López
Construction Department
Alfredo Parra
Alfredo Parra
Systems Department