Reclaimed water network

At the beginning of 2006, the Madrid city council and Valdebebas began the construction of a reclaimed water network. From Valdebebas’ tanks and through a modern extensive network, reclaimed water is distributed not only for watering parks and public gardens, but also for supply to private plots, a new feature in an urban development.

This network is fed by the Rejas wastewater treatment plant, pumping reclaimed water along a 500 mm diameter cast iron pipe through the Juan Carlos I Park until reaching the highest point in Valdebebas, where the reclaimed water control and storage tanks are situated. These tanks are intercommunicated with similar tanks in the Juan Carlos I Park and in Sanchinarro.

Buried drip irrigation has been laid throughout the development, reducing evaporation losses. The central automation of the irrigation system will also be monitored by a weather station which ensures efficient use of water, adapting needs to weather changes.

It is not the only efficient water management measure adopted in Valdebebas. Apart from introducing adapted species and the reduced use of grass, of note is the use of porous surfaces for recharging aquifers, and the importance of the new system for rainwater capture and infiltration.