Ground shifting

The ground shifting project, which was designed to preserve the environmental conditions and to contribute to the sustainability of the area, has had three main guidelines:

1. To preserve the topsoil layer which, once cleared, was stockpiled and maintained under an intensive programme of control of its qualities and improvement and hydroseeding treatments, for subsequent reuse in the green areas.
2. Use of the volume of earth from the excavation to seal the existing rubble and inert material dumps.
3. Zero surplus balance: a compensated design of the volume of excavated and filled earth, so that the final result of the earth shaping process of the entire sector has not generated any waste.

In addition, other measures were incorporated in terms of integration and restoration of pre-existing elements, such as the regeneration of existing watercourses in the area, the protection of archaeological and natural heritage, and the relocation of existing trees affected by the works.