Distinguished spaces

Within the application of common criteria for all the urban areas of the area, specific roads and areas have been treated differently, in order to differentiate their specific character and provide visual references for the citizen.

The Green Connectors, landscaped boulevards characteristic of the development, allow all the buildings to be close to a green area from which to access the large Forest Park. Along the connectors there is a central axis of activity with a main promenade that gives way to various spaces for rest and recreation. These are protected from traffic by dense shrub areas on each side, dominated by different varieties of evergreen and early flowering evergreens.

Between the bridge that will connect Valdebebas with Terminal 4 of Barajas Airport and the future Central Park, there is a singular axis with a central boulevard made up of squares adorned with ornamental fountains, sculptural pergolas and trees. The landscaped hillocks stand out with white and blue flowers, such as the Russian sage, which blooms well into autumn.

The road bordering the future Central Park will provide an environment for strolling and at the same time serve as an access threshold to the large park. The road will be lined with shops and its wide pavement has been sized to accommodate a strip of summer terraces. To provide shade, a double line of hawthorn trees have been planted, which offer attractive blossom in spring and bright red fruit in autumn.

In Las Cárcavas, the new neighbourhood parks offer play and leisure activities for all ages framed by a variety of shrub plantings such as the China rose, whose flowers change colour as the days go by in the summer season.

The Valdebebas stream, which gives its name to the whole area, flows through the Encinar de los Reyes. Alongside the stream are poplars, elms, ash trees and other riverside species. The Freeman's maple tree has been selected for the streets of the Encinar, which stands out in autumn due to the spectacular colouring of its leaves.