Green Connectors

The residential areas will be directly linked to the Forest Park through the so-called Green Connectors, landscaped strips that lead to the great green lung. These wide, 30-metre wide landscaped boulevards are an innovative resource to promote the integration of the park into the urban fabric, bringing it within 150 metres of each building. They will also allow easy access on foot or by bicycle from the place of residence or work to the Forest Park.

The configuration of the green spaces and the activities to be promoted arise from an analysis of the use of the adjoining plots. Due to their use as a meeting, rest, play and stroll area, they are made up of planting (trees, shrubs and climbers), soft squares, hard squares and play and recreation areas. There are several elements of street furniture, including three types of benches, tables, litter bins, bicycle racks and drinking fountains. In order to identify the different streets, unique tree species have been proposed in each section, but all under a common landscape treatment.