The Wooded Park

The new urban area will be a compact development allowing mixed use and the conservation of a major piece of land, the Wooded Park. It is the green heart of the area, around which the new urban development revolves.

The new green lung occupies around 470 hectares, approximately half of the development area. This large park, resulting from the cession of land by Valdebebas’ owners, will be managed by the Madrid City Council which will also be responsible for its design and maintenance. The park is inspired by the image of a large tree, which can be made out from above, and will reproduce 10 types of woodland representational of the capital’s vegetation, with more than 206,000 trees and 183,000 shrubs, including a river environment.

It is designed to be eco-sustainable, being connected to Madrid’s reclaimed water system with 88,000 square metres of reclaimed water which will be used for the irrigation and water system. It also has a bicycle lane around its perimeter and an extensive footpath network.