There is a notable presence of woodland in Valdebebas which will help create a leafy environment inviting people to enjoy public spaces.

Apart from their ornamental function, the more than 200,000 trees already planted will improve environmental quality, offer shade in summer and act as a sink for CO2, whose emission in cities is one of the main causes of climate change.

Species have been selected based on experience of their behaviour in Madrid for determining those most suited to the climate and soil characteristics in Valdebebas. A balance has been struck between indigenous species and those now traditional in Madrid’s gardens. In favourable conditions it has been possible to use more delicate species such cherry blossom, valuing the benefits of its spectacular flowering at the beginning of spring.

Trees also help to better differentiate between streets and areas within the development, and the position in Valdebebas. Species with characteristic flowerings, growth and leaf colourings such as horse chestnut, maples and mimosas have been selected and distributed to boost the character of the area and mark areas and intersections.